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Originally developed to protect organic plum orchards, WaspBane has proven highly effective at controlling nuisance wasps without any effect upon honey bee colonies!

The large bait chamber will hold upto 7000 wasps before it needs replacing and the safety valve prevents accidental stings when replacing the bait chamber.

The unit should be positioned slightly away from the area to be protected (eg.apiary) and may be free standing on the ground or suspended from a pole or tree in the garden.

When mixing the materials for the bait chamber DO NOT use sugar-free soft drinks!

Experience has shown that for maximum effect the device should be filled with water to which 2 teaspoons of honey has been added!

Wasps have a beneficial role as insect predators during the spring and summer, it is only after the Queens have mated that the workers become a nuisance and can attack honeybee colonies – do not place outside until normally late July.

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Complete trap £20.83 Ex.Vat (£25.00 inc.)
Replacement bait chambers £15.83 Ex.Vat (£19.00 inc.)

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