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THYMOVAR consists of formulated cellulose strips, each containing 15g of Thymol, a phenol naturally found in thyme essential oil, widely used as a food flavouring and in cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. Thymol is a natural component of some honeys, such as thyme, lime tree or sunflower honey.

Upon release, Thymol vapour concentrations build up in the hive. These vapours are toxic to Varroa mites, but are not hazardous to honey bees when used according to the directions for use.

THYMOVAR strips are packaged in a double sachet containing 2 x 5 strips sufficient for treating 5 standard hives. Use opened sachets as soon as possible. Unopened sachets may be stored away from heat for up-to 4 years.

When to use THYMOVAR
• In the spring before honey flow or in late summer after the honey harvest has been taken
• When daily maximum temperatures are below 30°C
• Before average day time temperatures drop below 15°C – best results 20-25°C

How to use THYMOVAR

Prior to treatment of the hive, remove all honey supers, close or replace open or screened hive floors with solid floors and reduce the hive entrance to normal size.

Apply one THYMOVAR strip per colony, broken into 2 or 3 pieces placing the pieces on top of the frames close to but not directly over the brood. After 3 weeks remove the pieces and repeat for a further 3 weeks. When finished it is recommended to remove all pieces and discard them.

Where double stacked brood chambers are used, place strips in the top chamber.
Treat all colonies in the same apiary at the same time to reduce the risk of robbing.
Thymovar may be used to treat colonies in Polystyrene hives.

Price -  £20.79 Ex.Vat (£24.95 inc.) (sufficient for 5 hives)

is registered in UK as a Veterinary Medicine – Marketing Authorisation Vm 36234/4000
® THYMOVAR is a registered trademark of Andermatt BioVet AG, Switzerland.      

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