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Honey Buckets  
Stainless steel Honey buckets
25kg capacity bucket with lid, carry handle and plastic drain tap
Price £54.17 Ex.Vat (£65.00 inc.)

Storage tanks  
Storage tanks
TIG welded stainless tanks supplied with lids and plastic drain taps. Chromed tap available £30.00 extra. Range of sizes – 50kg/100kg/200kg – other sizes available upon request.
50kg £75.00 Ex.Vat (£90.00 inc.)
100kg £87.50 Ex.Vat (£105.00 inc.)
200kg £125.00 Ex.Vat (£150.00 inc.)

Storage tanks  
Stainless steel filter sets
Comprising two parts, the first a stainless coarse mesh to remove any larger particles or cappings before your honey passes through a fine mesh fabric strainer. Designed to push fit onto our 25kg Honey buckets and 50kg Storage tanks, the filters can also be used with larger equipment (100kg & 200kg tanks) using the Spider frame.
Complete filter set £75.00 Ex.Vat (£90.00 inc.)
Replacement filter bag £11.67 Ex.Vat (£14.00 inc.)

Pouring aid  
Pouring Aid
Made from high tensile stainless steel, this device fits most tanks and buckets allowing you to do other jobs whilst the precious few drops of your honey is transferred.
Price £17.50 Ex.Vat (£21.00 inc.)

Tank stands  
Tank Stands
Available for all sizes of tanks (self-assembly)
50kg £20.83 Ex.Vat (£25.00 inc.)
100kg £26.67 Ex.Vat (£32.00 inc.)
200kg £29.17 Ex.Vat (£35.00 inc.)

Uncapping tray  
Uncapping Tray

Ideal for small scale hobbyist – in stainless steel with frame holder and plastic drain tap

Length 90cms                 
Width 44cms

Price £216.67 Ex.Vat (£260.00 inc.)

uncapping tank  
Uncapping Tank

Free standing tank with stainless steel lid, frame holder and plastic drain tap

Length 100/120/150 cms                 
Width: 44cms                 
Depth: 44cms

100 cms £358.33 Ex.Vat (£430.00 inc.)
120 cms £454.17 Ex.Vat (£545.00 inc.)
150 cms £512.50 Ex.Vat (£615.00 inc.)

honey capping press  
Cappings Press
Small press in stainless steel or painted finish
Price £233.33 Ex.Vat (£280.00 inc.)

solar wax melter  
Solar Wax Melter

Available in two size – galvanised exterior with inner stainless steel tray

70cms x 70cms £366.67 Ex.Vat (£440.00 inc.)
100cms x 100cms £530.00 Ex.Vat (£636.00 inc.)

2 Bucket warming cabinet

Warming Cabinets

Manufactured in stainless steel with fully insulation and thermostatically controlled recirculation warm air system, these cabinets make light work of liquefying even the most granulated of Oilseed rape honey!

Available in 2, 4 and 12 bucket sizes

Dimensions : 2 Bucket cabinet
External – 47cm wide x 95cm length x 65cm depth
Internal – 40cm wide x 80cm length x 50cm depth

2 Bucket Cabinet £662.50 Ex.Vat (£795.00 inc.)
4 Bucket Cabinet £812.50 Ex.Vat (£975.00 inc.)
12 Bucket Cabinet £2640.00 Ex.Vat (£3168.00 inc.)

4 Bucket warming cabinet

  12 Bucket warming cabinet

wax melter  
Wax Melter

Stainless steel wax extractor holding 16 deep or 25 super frames. Gas or Electric versions available.

Gas wax melter £562.50 Ex.Vat (£675.00 inc.)
Electric wax melter £562.50 Ex.Vat (£675.00 inc.)

super trolley  
Supers Trolley

Trolley to make light work of moving supers around the extraction area – available in two sizes (43cms x 50cms or 50cms x 50cms)

50cms x 50cms £75.00 Ex.Vat (£90.00 inc.)
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