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Hives and Tools

PolyNuc Hive  
PolyNuc Hive

We also stock Paynes PolyNuc hives for swarms and Nucleus colonies. Manufactured in thermally efficient polystyrene, these hives are ready for you to pop your National frames in and come complete with built-in frame feeder.

PolyNuc hive £26.25 Ex.Vat (£31.50 inc.)

Bee Smokers  

Stainless steel smoker (10cm diameter) complete with Heat shield and hook.(Heat shield and replacement bellows supplied separately if required)

Complete Smoker £24.17 Ex.Vat (£29.00 inc.)
Heat shield £3.00 Ex.Vat (£3.60 inc.)
Bellows £6.25 Ex.Vat (£7.50 inc.)

Beehive tools

tools for beehives

tools for beehives

tools for beehives
Hive Tools
A range of different shaped Hive tools in steel to suit all tastes
"S"shaped 9.5 inches long £6.67 Ex.Vat (£8.00 inc.) 's' shaped tool
Long painted J-Tool 12 inches long £6.67 Ex.Vat (£8.00 inc.) J tool
American style with curved scraper
Large 10 inches long
£7.92 Ex.Vat (£9.50 inc.) 10" Large Scraper
American style with curved scraper
Small 7.25 inches long
£6.67 Ex.Vat (£8.00 inc.) 7.25" Small Scraper
New Multi-purpose Tool in Stainless steel
15.5 inches long
£10.00 Ex.Vat (£12.00 inc.) 15.5" Stainless Steel multi-purpose tool





Uncapping Fork
Sharp pronged fork with bright coloured plastic handle
£6.67 Ex.Vat (£8.00 inc.) Uncapping Fork








Uncapping Knives
Stainless steel blade with wooden cranked handles
Straight blade £16.67 Ex.Vat (£20.00 inc.) Straight blade
Serrated blade £18.33 Ex.Vat (£22.00 inc.) Serrated blade










Bee Brush
Wooden handle with soft natural fibres
£4.17 Ex.Vat (£5.00 inc.) Straight blade


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