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Adequate nutrition is vital to support your bees during critical periods of the year when their natural food sources are not available. For many years, beekeepers have provided their own substitutes or provided bought in sugar and pollen feeds to supplement their diet.

We have decided to stock the FondaBee range of fondant and syrup products produced by Belgosuc (Belgium’s answer to British Sugar PLC). You can be certain of high quality feeds, pesticide and GM free, in easy to use and affordable packs.

A pack of Candy (fondant) for feeding bees during the winter months.
Comes in a 2.5kg pack, just cut the candy into the size block you require and place on top of the crown board. The bees will feed from it during the winter as they require.

Each box contains 5 x 2.5kgs pack

Per pack £5.50
Per full box £25.00
VAT is not applicable on animal feed
If you require a specific extractor configuration, please contact us to discuss the available options.
We can supply extractors for Langstroth, Dadant and many other frames sizes and tangentials too!

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