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LIEBIG Dispenser
The Liebig Dispenser was developed by Andermatt together with the famous German bee scientist, Dr. Gerhard Liebig from University of Hohenheim, Germany.

It is carefully designed to allow safe, simple and highly efficient and bee-friendly treatment with formic acid at an affordable price.

The dosing bottle is filled with formic acid and is placed on the main board with one paper wick. Formic acid evaporates from the paper wick slowly and steadily within the hive. The evaporation rate is controlled by adjusting the size of the paper wick area.

One or two treatments of formic acid (85% solution) can be made during the year. Best time is after the last honey has been harvested.

Dosage is adjusted dependent upon the type of hive and the surface area of the paper wick is adjusted depending upon the anticipated temperature.

Using the Liebig Dispenser gives you control of dosage and is quick and easy to apply.

Liebig dispenser solution

solution for Liebig dispenser

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LIEBIG Dispenser comes complete with base plate, 4 paper wicks, acid dropper and 250ml dosing bottle.
Additional packs of Paper wicks are available (contains 40 wicks)

Liebig Dispenser                                 £4.58 Ex.Vat (£5.50 inc.)
Extra Paper wicks                              £6.25 Ex.Vat (£7.50 inc.)

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