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FAM Dispenser

The FAM-Dispenser was developed by staff at the Swiss Bee Research Centre in Liebefeld-Posieux.

It is carefully designed to allow safe, simple and highly efficient and bee-friendly treatment with formic acid at an affordable price.

The Dispenser unit is opened for filling with the required dosage of formic acid which is poured onto the sponge base. When re-closed, the openings are adjusted according to the user instructions to control the rate of evaporation according to the hive type and expected temperatures.

The FAM-Dispenser is placed on top of the Brood frames with the openings facing downwards. When handling formic acid it is recommended to wear protective glasses, rubber gloves and long sleeved clothing.

Two treatments of formic acid (70% solution) can be made during the year.

Optimum timing is to make first treatment in August for one week with a second treatment in September once feeding is finished.

Using the FAM-Dispenser gives you control of dosage and is quick and easy to apply.

Fam dispenser

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Dimensions of FAM-Dispenser          253mm x 253mm x 17mm


FAM-Dispenser comes complete with one sponge base.
Additional packs of sponges are available (contains 5 sponges)

FAM-Dispenser                                       £7.92 Ex.Vat (£9.50 inc.)
Extra Sponges                                        £5.42 Ex.Vat (£6.50 inc.)

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