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Exomite Apis

A non-intrusive Hive cleanser utilising patented electrostatic powder technology to give a knock-down effect on adult Varroa mites.

The plastic dispenser is placed in the entrance of the hive and filled with the unique powder containing a low dose of Thymol. The Thymol agitates the mites and as they move around their foot pads become blocked with the Entostat powder and eventually they lose their grip on the bees!

Exomite Apis can be used in spring, but best results come in autumn time as the quantity of drone brood is decreasing.

Exomite Apis together with other control techniques, such as drone brood trapping  or  shook swarms may reduced the need for further Varroa treatments.

Always assess pre and post treatment mite drops and be prepared to act if necessary.
Always use Exomite Apis with Varroa screens or open mesh floors.
Approved for use by Organic Farmers & Growers

exomite apis equipment

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