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Welcome to our site dedicated to our Bee related activities.

What a difference a year makes!

With BBKA Spring Convention behind us, it is a delight to see Oilseed rape in flower and blossom on our fruit trees, although temperatures could be higher and winds a little less blustery.

Overwinter losses seem to be down and in general we sense a greater optimism from Beekeepers we have spoken with at the exhibitions and trade shows – let’s hope it continues!

We appreciate your continuing support and we are delighted to be able to offer several new products to help you make the most of your Bee’s activities. We are always delighted to come and talk to Associations on a range of topics and to support your local Open Days and Training events – please ask us.

New for 2014!

Online shopping facilities which will allow you to order and pay for your goods at whatever time of day or night you are surfing, without needing to speak to us! This has been updated following its successful launch last season.

More space at our showroom in Essex where we would be delighted to arrange to show you our most popular equipment.

Some new local Stockists, where you can pick up items during the busy season without having to wait for the post! (and we are always looking for more!)

New Products this year include an excellent Supers Lift, made and designed by our partners, Giordan in Italy which helps take the strain out of adding or removing full supers to your Hives.

As a service to local Beekeeprs in Essex, Cambridgeshire we will also be stocking the FondaBee range of feeds. High purity, high quality replacement Bee feed manufactured by Belgosuc, these feeds are guaranteed GM and Neonicitinoid-free. Both liquid and Fondant forms are available. Delivery available on large quantity purchases and Bulk discounts available – please ask.

Our own dedicated delivery vehicle

(known by my kids as “The Bee Bus!”


New products to make application of Formic and Oxalic acid treatments – accurate, safe and easy to use!

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